Sleeve technology for high volume producers of pharma leaflets, folding carton and flexible packaging.

Introduction of a completely redesigned offset roller train, now featuring a 4th Ink form roller for enhanced printing capabilities.

Implementation of a new dampening design, engineered for simplicity and maximum effectiveness, optimized to operate seamlessly at higher speeds.

Integration of a new sleeve design, featuring a pneumatic locking system for easier installation and enhanced security.

Completion of a comprehensive rigidity study on modules and rollers, resulting in improved printing stability across the board.

Incorporation of a refrigerated ink fountain roller to facilitate superior ink temperature control and ensure uniformity throughout the roller train and stable ink viscosity.
lmplementation of a fully adjustable oscillating ink rollers system, allowing for precise adjustment tailored to different ink types such as UV, LED, and grease.

Replacement of all drive systems with Rexroth servo motors, delivering heightened flexibility, precision, and stability in adjustment.

Enhancement of transversal register precision through an improved design, ensuring superior print alignment.

Redesigned for easier maintenance, with increased accessibility to components, facilitating upkeep tasks.

Provision of machine configurations catering to various substrates, offering different tension control systems and customized rollers to meet diverse customer requirements.

Availability of different equipment options including Automatic blanket washer, Automatic Ink supply, and Advanced sleeve handling, enabling customers to tailor their setup according to specific needs and preferences.

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