Flatbed Embossing Unit

Flatbed embossing unit

The flatbed embossing unit has an independent servomotor and is compatible with the whole range of ROTATEK semi-rotary printers and finishing machines.

The flatbed unit gives a very high embossing quality that is ideal for higher added-value labels and boxes. It is ideal for use in the most demanding markets, such as wines, cosmetics, alcoholic drinks or food.

This unit allows you to relief print the paper roll with the desired design using the printing plates containing the image. The top plate is servomotor-operated and allows you to adjust the depth of the relief. It is a system with male-female plates which allows several strikes in one position to add greater depth. The minimum print format is 200 mm, and the maximum is 400 mm.

In addition the unit allows diagonal and transverse regulation by motorised spindles.

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