Who we are

ROTATEK, founded in 1970, is a leading international manufacturer of printing web presses for labels, flexible packaging, folding cartons, security printing, commercial printing, and pharmaceutical inserts.

We are based in Barcelona , Spain (Europe), and design, manufacture, market and provide after-sale technical support for all our machinery.

From the outset, we have made a clear commitment to technological innovation in our products to provide solutions that are more efficient, more productive and of higher value to the printer.

ROTATEK manufactures a wide range of in-line printing and finishing machinery: Combined Semi-rotary/Rotary Offset Press, Rotary Offset Sleeve, Combined Rotary Offset Shaftless, and Rotary Offset machines.

The modular design of the ROTATEK machines offers the printer a large degree of product customisation, combining multiple in-line printing and finishing units. All kinds of materials can be printed and finished in a single pass.

ROTATEK follows a strict quality procedure, covering the purchase of raw materials to the manufacturing, assembling and delivery of the final product. In 1996 we were awarded the ISO 9001 quality standard, which since then has been successfully renewed on an annual basis to the present day.

ROTATEK’s team of highly qualified professionals and their passion for our product and service have enabled us to become a brand that today is renowned worldwide.

ROTATEK’s name is today synonymous with professionalism, innovation, technology and personalised service to the customer.

There are over 1,700 ROTATEK presses installed in over 70 countries – this is the best endorsement of the quality of ROTATEK’s products and services.

Technology Partners

ROTATEK would not be a leading company in the graphic arts market today if it were not for the close co-operation it has with our technology partners, who have an international reputation for their capability for innovation, advanced technology and customer service.


ROTATEK is an active member of various prestigious associations in the industry, including Finat, Gipea, Vske, Tlmi, Graphispack, Anfec and Amec, which support its strong commitment to the development of the industry.