Rotary Press

Especially suitable for medium and long print runs.

The PERFECT NT / RK-500 rotary press includes the latest shaftless technology in all its various modules, thus eliminating the traditional transmission by gear boxes and  shafts.

This technology with maximum automation improves commissioning, cuts down on the waste of material and offers unbeatable reliability in printing and colour registration.

It offers a mechanical speed of production of up to 350 m/min, is robust and reliable, plus has a great inking capability, a rapid set-up, auto-zero positioning, remote controlled longitudinal register and register precision, all of which make it ideal for medium and long print runs. As a result, within the rotary press range, PERFECT NT / RK-500 has the best quality-productivity performance on the market.

Its modular system and wide range of options allow you to configure the machine according to the different products required.

Flexible packaging
Folding carton
Security documents
Transactional documents
Train tickets
PRS and UTS tickets

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