The printing industry’s post-pandemic adjustment to reality

In spite of the difficulties, the sector has developed strategies to seize new opportunities and keep growing How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected the printing industry? […]

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Semi-rotary Die-cutting Unit - ROTATEK

What is die-cutting and what is it for?

ROTATEK’s semi-rotary die-cutting unit offers the best quality and accuracy for self-adhesive multi-material labels Die-cutting is a technique that allows to reproduce uneven shapes on any […]

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Alternatives to mercury-based inks: UV LED and Electron Beam

New printing technologies improve performance and quality while minimising environmental impact The inks that have traditionally been used in industrial printing contain heavy metals, such as […]

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The advantages of label printing with offset technology

The evolution of offset printing leads to cost optimisation in the context of ever shorter print runs with the same quality as digital printing Conventional or […]

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FlatBed screen printing unit - ROTATEK

What is a flat screen-printing unit?

Screen printing offers a very high level of detail and colour intensity beyond the reach of other techniques The modular design of the ROTATEK machines allows […]

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What are the characteristics of inks for offset printing?

The wide range of available inks is one of the factors influencing the advantages of offset technology Offset printing has advantages over other technologies due to […]

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Learn about the materials used in self-adhesive label printing

There is a huge variety of self-adhesive labels and the materials from which they are made There is a huge variety of self-adhesive labels as well […]

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The most common materials in the flexible packaging industry

Films made of different types of plastic, paper and aluminium, with increasing attention to sustainability, are the most common substrates The flexible packaging industry is continuously […]

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Which materials are going to set trends in labelling?

More eco-friendly substrates conveying authenticity and more sustainable self-adhesive labels are gaining market share Both in the packaging industry and in the labelling sector, authenticity and […]

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embossing unit

What embossing units are for

The labelling market is tending towards shorter runs, and brands are trying to make the most of the differential value provided by images in order to […]

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