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Combined Offset and Flexo Sleeve Rotary Press. For top-quality printing on multiple label or flexible packaging substrates. A combined offset ...
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Variable Format Rotary Offset Press. The RK – 250 PLUS Variable Format Rotary Offset Press is purpose-designed for full colour ...
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Rotary Press Especially suitable for medium and long print runs. The PERFECT NT / RK-500 rotary press includes the latest shaftless ...
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Combined Wet Offset Semi-rotary and Rotary Press. The unique semi-rotary and rotary printing machine. BRAVA 450 is the only press ...
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What is typographic printing?

The invention of the typographic printing press, in 1440, the work of the German Johannes Gutenberg, triggered a revolution in the dissemination of ...
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The blanket for offset printing

Mounted on a cylinder, it is the basic element for reproducing the images on the printing medium The blanket is the key element ...
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How to get a quality label?

Labelling provides sensory experiences for consumers and fulfils informative, safety assurance and traceability functions Label printing is an increasingly sophisticated industrial printing speciality ...
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How to avoid ink migration into food in packaging printing

Ink is a basic element both to exploit the communicative potential of packaging and to ensure its protective function One of the main ...
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  • It is already four years ago since we started working with ROTATEK. I was attracted by the mechanical construction, its strength and stability from the beginning until the end of a job. One thing for sure is that ROTATEK seeks the leadership, constantly innovating, achieving putting the printer in the first position of the market.  

  • We have over 20,000 customers in Europe. I belong to the fourth generation of this company, established in 1879. I’ve been familiar with ROTATEK for five years, and we already have four of their machines. Why? Because they’re innovative, responsive and competent, and their machines are highly reliable and versatile.