Lithographic printing systems

The invention of lithography and then offset printing marked a revolution in the graphic arts and publishing industry Offset printing is the offspring of lithography, a […]

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Differences between sheetfed and rotary offset printing

Sheetfed printing works with sheets, whereas rotary printing supplies the substrate in reels Offset is one of the most popular printing methods due to the outstanding […]

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The advantages of label printing with offset technology

The evolution of offset printing leads to cost optimisation in the context of ever shorter print runs with the same quality as digital printing Conventional or […]

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FlatBed screen printing unit - ROTATEK

What is a flat screen-printing unit?

Screen printing offers a very high level of detail and colour intensity beyond the reach of other techniques The modular design of the ROTATEK machines allows […]

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embossing unit

What embossing units are for

The labelling market is tending towards shorter runs, and brands are trying to make the most of the differential value provided by images in order to […]

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