impresión offset

Differences between sheetfed and rotary offset printing

Sheetfed printing works with sheets, whereas rotary printing supplies the substrate in reels Offset is one of the most popular printing methods due to the outstanding […]

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What is offset prepress?

The pre-press phase of any print job is essential to achieve a satisfactory result Prepress processes are those that take place between the creation of the […]

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Semi-rotary Die-cutting Unit - ROTATEK

What is die-cutting and what is it for?

ROTATEK’s semi-rotary die-cutting unit offers the best quality and accuracy for self-adhesive multi-material labels Die-cutting is a technique that allows to reproduce uneven shapes on any […]

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Alternatives to mercury-based inks: UV LED and Electron Beam

New printing technologies improve performance and quality while minimising environmental impact The inks that have traditionally been used in industrial printing contain heavy metals, such as […]

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The advantages of label printing with offset technology

The evolution of offset printing leads to cost optimisation in the context of ever shorter print runs with the same quality as digital printing Conventional or […]

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What are the characteristics of inks for offset printing?

The wide range of available inks is one of the factors influencing the advantages of offset technology Offset printing has advantages over other technologies due to […]

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embossing unit

What embossing units are for

The labelling market is tending towards shorter runs, and brands are trying to make the most of the differential value provided by images in order to […]

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Unidad estampado relieve plano

What are the stamping units for?

Rotatek equipment includes hot foil stamping, embossing and flat foil stamping units, as well as laminating and cold foil stamping units Stamping is one of the […]

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The competitive advantages of Rotatek machines in pharmaceutical leaflet printing

Web offset technology gives the best answer to the high demands of quality, productivity and safety The pharmaceutical industry requires suppliers who are able to guarantee […]

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Learn about the advantages of offset printing over flexography and rotogravure

Rotary offset machines offer the best value for money and are adapted to the needs of the market. The offset printing system has several advantages over […]

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